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Olive Oil ‘Butter’


A recipe so simple it can hardly be called a recipe, but so useful to have in the fridge it had to be included here. I always have some on hand to make pastry or to spread on toast or jaffles.

Solid olive oil is much easier to work with when grilling porous breads such as sourdough, as you can spread it on evenly with a knife. It is also very useful when making garlic bread, as it can be mushed up with roasted garlic and spread on like garlic butter.

This is just the basic method for making olive oil butter, but you could of course infuse the oil with whatever you wanted. If you are using this as a margarine alternative, a pinch of salt can be a nice addition also.




Olive Oil (whichever kind you like)


1. Pour olive oil into a freezer and fridge  safe container with a lid

2. Put the container, with the lid on, into the freezer for 3 hours or until solid

3. Move the container to the fridge to keep the olive oil at spreadable consistency

 It’s really that easy.


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