Hi, I’m Jess. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, I have always loved cooking for others, and I share my recipes here for all those who live too far away to eat in my kitchen. Aside from food, my true passions are trekking to remote parts of the Earth’s wilderness, and kindness to all living beings. It is my greatest hope that  kindness and appreciation for our beautiful planet and its inhabitants will one day be embraced by all.

What I aim to share with you here is good food. In order to qualify as such, I believe that what we eat must not only taste fantastic, be nourishing and satisfying, but also be as free from cruelty as possible. To me, eating something that got to my plate through the calculated infliction of suffering, misery, pain and ultimately death onto innocent beings just doesn’t qualify as good food. When what we eat is destroying our beautiful planet and deliberately harming others, I just cannot believe it is food for the soul.

Isn’t it wonderful though that we can make an enormous difference in the world and the environment just by changing what we eat? We have the power to reduce suffering to man and  animal alike just by eating really delicious food that is also better for you, and I think that’s pretty great. You CAN change the world and make a difference, every time you pick up your fork, and I hope I can help you to do so.

The meals on this blog have been devoured with gusto by omnivores, skeptics and (people who think they are) tofu-haters. They will never call for some pre-packaged ‘Facon’ or soy cheese. These are real recipes, made from real food. It is my aim to help people everywhere realise that eating plants instead of our animal friends doesn’t mean giving up the pleasure of eating, or the finer things in life. The plant kingdom has given us a great bounty of flavours, textures and colours that deserve to shine as the stars of our meals, not be dismissed as merely side dishes.

Most of my recipes have been inspired by some exotic location or another, whether it be a local dish or a fond memory of a favourite watering hole. I cook in part to take myself back to the places I have left behind: Food is memories. My ‘style’ of food has thus become as eclectic as my apartment, with souvenirs on display ranging from tribal carvings to fine European ceramics.  I have an equal love for steaming bowls of decidedly un-fancy goodness from the campfires of East Africa, as I do for the dainty dishes suited to four course dinners and fine wine at Millennium in San Francisco.

Readers should note however that I am not a natural born measurer. I throw things in until the dish tastes right – a pinch here, a splash there, and not a measuring spoon in sight. Trying to measure the flavour ingredients  of my recipes is what caused me to abandon this blog for over six months, so I have decided I won’t stress about it too much, and instead will turn this blog into the digitalisation of my personal cookbook of scribbles. Where exact measurements matter, I will provide them, but I believe food tastes better when made with love, not science.

If you are like me, you own a hundred cookbooks but have never cooked a single recipe from any of them. They serve as inspiration for ideas and flavour combinations, new techniques and cuisines. It is my hope that at the very least, this blog can help inspire you with some ideas for dinner, and that you enjoy these recipes as much as I do.


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